Real-time virtual therapy simulations

Neurofit creates virtual therapy simulations that assess, monitor and personalize care for neurological conditions. From the classroom to the clinic, translate your therapy insights into actions in seconds.

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Neurofit Supporters

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What is Neurofit?

The Virtual Rehabilitation Tool that brings patients and professionals together.

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Flex your mental muscles to set goals with guided exercises.

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Patient-led, professionally supported exercises to generate deeper insights.

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Intelligently adapts and predicts unique needs to save time, money and effort.

Neurofit in action

We take a simple 3 step approach to build better brain health and wellness.

Select Exercise

Professionals select virtual exercises from our web or virtual reality experiences designed to simulate scenarios with gamified activities focused on evaluating neurological, physical and behavioural abilities.

Exercises automatically adjust and calibrate according to unique needs to apply real world skills into safe, controlled, and measurable environments.

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Get Personalized Reports

Neurofit does the heavy lifting to generate personalized reports in seconds to create curated treatment plans, goals, and actionable routines.

Boost Progress

The result is that outcomes and insights are used to augment therapy, engage patients in a meaningful way, and pinpoint changes over time to better allocate time, or services to patient care and progress.

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What Neurofit Offers?

Number 1.


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Cognitive and Mental Health insights to monitor and pinpoint progress to offer targeted therapy services.

Number 2.

Data Security

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Safe, secure, and scalable with real-time results at a fraction of the cost of a typical therapy session.

Number 3.


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Full flexibility to extend organization’s reach, clinical services, and leverage down-time with asynchronous care options.

Number 4.


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Build transparency and accountability into therapy with goals to boost compliance.

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Neurofit in the press

Desjardins GoodSpark Grant Winner

6500 people applied, 150  selected
(2.3% success rate)
Successful projects support community priorities, including youth, sustainable development and entrepreneurship in an effort to boost regional development and socioeconomic recovery.

Startup Savant

“The company’s products, Neurofit VR and Neurofit Web, provide an immersive rehabilitation experience that can improve brain health and overall wellness.”

StartUs Insights

“The startup’s solutions Neurofit VR and Neurofit Web provide a complete immersive rehabilitation experience designed to build brain health and wellness along with accessible care that is available at any time from anywhere through a web browser.”


Neurofit has been chosen as a finalist to compete in AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge 2020.


“Our goal is to tackle the multifaceted world of improving brain health and wellness for all. By using virtual reality technology to better connect people at a more human level, personalize care, and empower people”


“The Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) has announced the the early-stage neurotech entrepreneurs taking home $50,000 as part of the ONtrepreneurs Program.”

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Our progress so far

With 5+ minutes of use per day, Neurofit users ranging in age from 6 to 100 years of age have observed*:

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30, 000











*According to a Student’s T-Test improvements are statistically significant 
to an alpha (α) ≤ 0.05, or a 95% confidence interval.
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What our clients say

I saw an immediate ‘buy-in’ on behalf of the patients. In fact, people actively want to keep returning to the clinic to use Neurofit again.

An avatar of Dr. Kaitlyn Cremer.
Dr. Kaitlyn Cremer
Associate Program Director &Professor

Alex and his company are sprinting full speed ahead at the future of cognitive rehab delivery with their web-based product to increase clinical efficiency, improve patient outcomes and make therapy fun!

An avatar of Dr. Caitlin Strobel.
Dr. Caitlin Strobel

I believe as a young stroke survivor, I need to be constantly challenged, and I’m happy to say Neurofit does that for me.

An avatar of Maysyn.
2x Stroke Survivor

Neurofit has helped with my thinking, responding time, critical thinking, and I’m trying to break new records for the exercises.

An avatar of Herman.
Traumatic Brain Injury

If you haven’t heard of Neurofit, you should check them out. They are an amazing company that can really benefit OT and our profession. From a clinical and academia standpoint.

An avatar of Dr. Lydia Kite.
Dr. Lydia Kite
Assistant Professor

Neurofit allows me to challenge myself in a safe environment to speed up my recovery.

An avatar of Gary.
Stroke Survivor
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