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From Innovators to Educators, we want to build great student experiences to boost learning outcomes in every step of the academic journey.

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See why students like training with Neurofit

Polling 100+ Masters and Doctoral Level OT students across multiple North American institutions.



Gained a Competitive Edge

Students agreed that Neurofit was a useful service to learn about and utilize as a student in an Occupational Therapy program.



Increased Clinical Efficiency

Students agreed that Neurofit made them more efficient in providing care to their patients.



Visible Patient Benefits

Students agreed that Neurofit benefits the patients in their care.


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Bring your online, blended or in-person course to life to empower, train, and apply skills from the classroom to the clinic


Build confidence in clinical training and application of skills

Engage with course content more deeply as a complement to the curriculum

Assess student performance in ways that allow them to demonstrate the full scope of learning.

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Ideal for:

Remote, in-person or blended options to educators and students on-demand

Ensuring student success with experiential and applied learning

Creating a community around collaborative experiences in the classroom

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Expand Your Students’ Therapeutic Toolkit

With Neurofit in the classroom, students have exposure to the latest technology of computerized cognitive training, simulations and behavioural health used in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy sessions. This unique learning opportunity gives students a look into an enhanced therapeutic toolkit as they start their careers.

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A Partner You Can Rely On

Neurofit is committed to providing the highest quality of customer service possible. Whether it's a message, phone call, or video call that you need, a member of the Neurofit team is here to help you ASAP.

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Make Learning Relevant and Transferrable

Promote engaging and active discussion and collaboration to apply Neurofit to real-world learnings, develop transferable skills and boost competitiveness of skills in securing opportunities as a clinician.

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Supercharge Your Syllabus

Create highly engaging and complementary experiences with Neurofit from Year 1 through Graduation. Apply concepts, techniques and case studies with data-driven insights to enrich course learning and applied clinical experiences.

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Less Time Documenting, More Time Caring

Neurofit is designed with both the patient and clinician in mind. Students can spend less time scheduling, billing, and documenting and more time doing what matters most for their careers, caring for clients and working to accelerate clients’ road to recovery.

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Exposure to an Innovative Digital Healthcare Technology

Student-clinicians can see firsthand how an evidence-based company collects, analyzes, and presents a world of data that is unattainable from most traditional PT and OT sessions. We make intangible parts of therapy tangible.

Open quotes

I liked how innovative the platform is. I haven't seen any other technology-based intervention that can be used to assess/treat clients with a wide range of cognitive deficits. This can be especially useful for those who enjoy video games or technology.

Close quotes

— OTD Student that utilized Neurofit with their patients in academic fieldwork

Get the flexibility you need to help your students succeed

We offer training and applied experiences that work to support many of the core milestones in the academic roadmap to becoming a clinically trained professional.

Exposure in Classroom
Guided Use
Personal Use
Professional Use
Exposure in Classroom
Guided Use
Personal Use
Professional Use
  • Illustration of a Therapist presenting Neurofit's platform to a group of 3 students who are sitting down on chairs.
    Neurofit used for both in-person and hybrid classroom simulations.
  • A practitioner in a white lab coat stands at a laptop showing, a woman in a wheelchair and a young man  sitting on a stool, the Neurofit Platform. The image is in an impressionist low detail style.
    Neurofit applied to real-world clients and scenarios with data to complement their clinical treatment plan with(out) supervision.
  • A woman in a wheelchair with a grey jacket sits next to a young man with an orange jacket on a stool. They are looking at a laptop with Neurofit's Platform on it.
    Apply knowledge and skills learned independently in clinical placements and programs.
  • A woman in a wheelchair watches a male Therapist in a white lab coat review charts created by Neurofit. The woman is holding a laptop that displays Neurofit's logo on it.
    Take your practice to the next step and provide data and insights to support your professional journey every step of the way.

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