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What is needed for a Neurofit session?

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Neurofit currently has two streams, a Web based stream and a Virtual Reality based stream.

For Neurofit Web, you simply need access to the internet, a mouse and a keyboard. No downloads or accessories necessary!

For the fully immersive Neurofit VR, our specialized team bundles all the tech you need into one, simple, ready-to-use package.

Who do you help?

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Like all startups, we have big dreams to help support people worldwide… but for now, our exercises are aligned to help support those with varying neurological impairments. We have worked with individuals as young as 10, and as senior as 90 years old.

We are proud to say that we have been a part of transforming the lives of people living with autism, cerebral palsy, concussion (mTBI), traumatic brain injury, and people experiencing cognitive decline.

How does Neurofit work?

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You can think of us as the FitBit for your brain. By simply playing our suite of exercises, Neurofit learns from you and your unique needs in care. Exercises adapt to challenge and motivate your patient's needs. You simply jump in, and Neurofit takes care of the rest to guide on your journey.

We provide to translate experiences into actionable outcomes that you can use to complement yo practice, as well as build stronger relationships with the people you serve.

How do you ensure patients are continually engaged?

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Neurofit activities deploy multiple mechanisms to engage clients, and also tracks their motivation, enjoyment, and perceived difficulty, among other parameters. 

Made possible through recent advancements in artificial intelligence, Neurofit activities harness the power of machine learning to create a novel challenging experience for the patient, each and every time they start a new activity. Based on previous task performance, Neurofit will either raise or lower the challenge of the current activity, helping patients stay motivated overtime and progress in their ability.

Neurofit activities also have trackable goals / achievements that further provide positive reinforcement for patients, and can help clinicians standardize patients’ performance and/or progress with Neurofit.

Can patients/clinicians track their progress?

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We understand clinical insights can lie hidden in large data sets. Our team is dedicated to providing our clinician partners with as much raw performance data of their patients as possible. 

In our upcoming update to the Neurofit platform, these insights will be seamlessly integrated into the patient’s virtual chart, which will be available to both the patient and clinician.

What makes Neurofit unique?

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We recognize the bigger picture in providing care, so we take a holistic approach in evaluating and personalizing your experience. Brain health and wellness is more than just how you perform on a rigid test, it’s how you feel, what motivates you and inspires you to be the best version of yourself. 

This is our approach to crafting Neurofit exercises to bring together patients and professionals. Our exercises are continually adapting to challenge and motivate your patient’s needs. We also provide insights to translate experiences into actionable outcomes that you can use to complement your practice, as well as build stronger relationships with the people you serve.

How much does Neurofit cost?

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We know that care providers and their organizations come in all shapes and sizes, so we craft plans accordingly. With session costs starting less than the price of a cup of coffee (seriously), we pack a ton of value into every experience.

Our prices are simple with subscription options based around your needs in providing care. In just a few clicks we adjust a feature-rich plan that adjusts for the volume and needs of each organization.

How do I get started?

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Get started with Neurofit with a free trial and we will guide you to finding the plan that best suits your needs, to help you save valuable time and resources.

How can I learn more about Neurofit?

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For those that wish to learn more about Neurofit or wish to speak with a team member, please leave your name and contact information! A team member will follow up with you promptly (typically in less than 24 hrs).

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