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From intake to discharge, we want to build great therapeutic experiences to promote great quality of care outcomes in every step of the rehabilitation journey.

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Improvement in Motivation

After just 4 weeks of using Neurofit for 5 minutes or more each day, a child living with ASD demonstrated a 147% improvement in self-reported motivation levels towards treatment.

Results were displayed by a pre-teenager living with ASD, who had challenges with working memory, impulsivity, and processing social cues. Neurofit was utilized each day for 4 weeks, for 5 minutes or more.




Improvement in Cognition

In just 4 weeks*, adult patients using Neurofit made significant improvements in their cognition with a 61% improvement in memory, a 28% improvement in attention, and an average 81% improvement in processing.

Results were averaged from 3000+ Neurofit sessions 5 minutes or longer, with adults aged 18-64, in their first 4 weeks of using Neurofit.

Older Persons



Improvement in Mood

In older adults, consistent and sustained benefits improving overall mood were observed pre- and post- session. Results were collected from 20 participants, ranging from ages 57- 84 years, who used Neurofit for 30 minutes, 5 times a week, for 5 weeks.

Results were collected from 20 participants, ranging from ages 57 to 84 years living without or with mild cognitive impairment, that used Neurofit for 30 minutes, 5 times a week for 5 weeks.


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Provides accessible care available anytime,
anywhere directly from your browser.


Cognitive and Behavioural insights into patient progress in seconds

Benchmark therapy outcomes to optimize assessments and treatment programs

Easy to start, stop and continue sessions with no downloads required

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Ideal for:

Remote, in-person or hybrid options for providers available on-demand

Flexible clinical applications: as a homework, accountability or monitoring tool

Academic, Clinic, or Hospital Training / Clinical services

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Unlock a World Full of
Cognitive Performance Data

With Neurofit, a patient can be assessed and complete therapy, all while remaining in a safe, low-risk environment. Neurofit helps you generate clinical benchmarks and actionable outcomes that can focus your care and expedite your client's road to recovery.

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Less Time Documenting,
More Time Caring

Neurofit is designed with both the patient and clinician in mind. Spend less time scheduling, billing, and documenting; and more time doing what matters most, caring for your clients and accelerating their recovery journey.

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A Partner You Can Rely On

Neurofit is committed to providing the highest quality of customer service possible. Whether it's a message, phone call, or video call that you need, a member of the Neurofit team is here to help you ASAP.

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Gamified Approach, Real Therapy Gains

Neurofit's easy to use interface and gamified design helps our dynamically adapted activities be engaging for young- to older adults and their evolving needs in care.

Conditions that we are helping

Traumatic Brain Injury
Acquired Brain Injury
Developmental Disability
Learning Disability

We are always working to create an inclusive and accessible experience to find ways to best support a broader range of conditions with Neurofit.

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How Neurofit
Transforms your Care

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Dynamically evaluate performance and cognitive abilities with adaptive tasks that are automatically tailored to your unique needs.

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Mood & Wellness

Bring more mindful therapy experiences into your sessions to recognize how and what moods affect your performance.

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Get individual or organizational insights that help you understand what your patients need in seconds, not hours.

Complement your care with Neurofit

Recovery journeys might be long, but they do not have to be boring.

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Human-centered care

How we feel has a huge impact on how we perform. This is especially true in rehabilitation and therapy. With Neurofit, we combine a blended approach of behavioural health tracking and neurorehab experiences. The result?  A more robust and detailed understanding of patient needs to represent their progress and engage people more meaningfully in their care.

Result-driven care

In healthcare, results matter. With therapy, results are only as good as the tools we use. This is why we complement care to enhance rehabilitation outcomes; getting everyone further and faster along the road to recovery together.

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Data-driven insights

The recovery process for patients can feel long and arduous. This is why we provide the therapist with data driven insights on patient progress that provide measurable ways they are improving and personalizing therapy based on their unique needs and goals.

Tracking individual progress

Neurofit reports, and automatic progress tracking puts understanding the patient journey in a simple, easy to interpret dashboard. This allows you to recognize risks earlier, and pinpoint areas of focus to provide support faster.

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Remote and on-site care

The way healthcare is accessed has changed and requires a blended approach to help you thrive. We enable professionals to help their patients engage with their therapy on-demand, in-person or remotely to suit any type of environment.

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