What is neurofit?

Neurofit is a web platform that equips neuro-rehab practitioners with a range of adjustable digital activities and provides access to detailed patient progress data to support more effective rehabilitation outcomes.

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How it works

The Neurofit platform has two parts.
The Dashboard and the Activities App.


Track patient progress and identify trends with individualized dashboard and reporting tools.

Add and manage patient accounts with ease.

Generate and export custom reports for your patients to track progress and provide detailed updates.

Activities app:

Includes a growing library of digital activities for memory, attention, and processing.

Patient progress is quickly updated and visible on the Neurofit Dashboard.

Exercises automatically adjust to match a patient's improvements, ensuring they are both fun and engaging.


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Unlock a World Full of
Cognitive Performance Data

Neurofit lets patients get assessed and do therapy safely and easily. It also creates clear goals and steps to speed up their recovery.

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Less Time Documenting,
More Time Caring

Neurofit makes it easier for practitioners and patients by cutting down on admin tasks, so there's more time for patient care that works with your schedule.

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A Partner You Can Rely On

Neurofit aims to offer comprehensive customer support quickly, whether through message, call, or video.

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Gamified Approach, Real Therapy Gains

Neurofit's simple,  digital activities adjust to be fun and useful for all ages according to their unique needs in care.

Our progress so far

With 5+ minutes of use per day, Neurofit users ranging in age from 6 to 100 years of age have observed*:

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30, 000











*According to a Student’s T-Test improvements are statistically significant 
to an alpha (α) ≤ 0.05, or a 95% confidence interval.
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Case studies

How Neurofit helped a stroke survivor to get their life back

Meet Maysyn, a 2 time stroke survivor who was able to reach her therapy goals with Neurofit.

How one child achieved independence with Neurofit

Meet Tyler, a child living with ASD looking for fun, interactive therapy experiences to promote independence.

How schools are preparing future therapists with Neurofit

Learn how a Doctorate Program in Occupational Therapy (OTD) trains students in the classroom and in clinical fieldwork.

Neurofit in the press

Desjardins GoodSpark Grant Winner

6500 people applied, 150  selected
(2.3% success rate)
Successful projects support community priorities, including youth, sustainable development and entrepreneurship in an effort to boost regional development and socioeconomic recovery.

Startup Savant

“The company’s products, Neurofit VR and Neurofit Web, provide an immersive rehabilitation experience that can improve brain health and overall wellness.”

StartUs Insights

“The startup’s solutions Neurofit VR and Neurofit Web provide a complete immersive rehabilitation experience designed to build brain health and wellness along with accessible care that is available at any time from anywhere through a web browser.”


Neurofit has been chosen as a finalist to compete in AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge 2020.


“Our goal is to tackle the multifaceted world of improving brain health and wellness for all. By using virtual reality technology to better connect people at a more human level, personalize care, and empower people”


“The Ontario Brain Institute (OBI) has announced the the early-stage neurotech entrepreneurs taking home $50,000 as part of the ONtrepreneurs Program.”

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