Insights from a Neurofit Internal Report

Riley Pontello
July 29, 2022

          In the latest episode of Neurofit Fast Facts, which can be seen here, we dove into a recent Neurofit report that examined the progress consistent users across the entire NF database, ages 5 to 90, made in just 4 weeks of using NF for 1-2 sessions a week, for at least 5 minutes.

          Neurofit users live with a range of conditions, from executive functioning delay, to acquired brain injuries, to cognitive decline associated with dementia and utilize Neurofit as a part of their recovery to enhance or maintain various cognitive abilities. Percent improvement was calculated as the change in activity performance on Neurofit exercises from week 0 to week 4.

          In just 4 weeks, consistent users were able to make significant improvements in cognition, with an average 61% improvement in memory, 28% improvement in Attention, and an 81% improvement in processing. Regarding objective task performance, there was a 43% improvement in accuracy displayed by consistent users by week 4 of using Neurofit after completing these cognitively challenging exercises.

          Furthermore, patient-reported behaviour and engagement data revealed that there was an amazing 343% improvement in motivation over the 4 weeks of using Neurofit. Interestingly, patient-reported enjoyment and achievement only improved significantly after 4 months of using Neurofit, and self-reported frustration only decreased significantly in the same time interval.

          It’s reports like these that keep the Neurofit Team motivated and driven every day. We are so happy to see the progress patients have made in their recovery while using Neurofit. 

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written by
Riley Pontello
Research and Partnerships Lead at Neurofit VR