How Occupational Therapy Educators can use Experiential Learning to Prepare Students for Clinical Opportunities

Alexander Theodorou
December 16, 2022

As Occupational Therapy Educators, it is important to promote experiential learning and digital health technology to give students the skills necessary to be successful when seeking out job opportunities. Here are 3 ways to do just that:

  • Encourage students to use digital health technology to become more familiar with the latest tools and applications in the field. By engaging with these technologies, students will be better prepared to use them in their clinical roles and understand the benefits they can provide to their patients.
  • Design experiential learning opportunities that involve the use of digital health technologies. This could involve having students use digital health technology while working with patients, or creating simulations using virtual reality software to help students understand how to use digital health technologies in real-life situations.
  • Incorporate digital health technology into course objectives and learning outcomes. This will ensure that students are aware of how digital health technology is applicable to the field, and will help them develop the skills necessary to be successful when seeking out job opportunities.

By promoting experiential learning and digital health technology, Occupational Therapy Educators can provide students with the skills necessary for success. We are excited to be able to support this journey from classroom to clinic with Neurofit. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to reach out here.

written by
Alexander Theodorou
Founder at Neurofit VR