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Our product provides a full suite assessment that helps individualize rehabilitation to meet each person's unique needs in recovery. We provide scientifically supported, data-driven cognitive exercises to showcase patient recovery in seconds, with deeper insights into their recovery progress.

A young man wearing virtual reality goggles and a young woman smiling in front of a laptop.
A young man wearing virtual reality goggles and a young woman smiling in front of a laptop.

Beneficial to Everyone

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Cost-effective solution that assists in analyzing patient cognitive abilities, and engages patients in the rehabilitation process -both on-site and remote.

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Proprietary adaptive learning system to personalize exercises according to your unique needs and abilities getting you to your daily life faster and happier.

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Neurofit Web provides accessible care available anytime, anywhere directly from your browser.



Cognitive and Behavioural insights into patient progress in seconds

Benchmark therapy outcomes to optimize assessments and treatment programs

Easy to start, stop and continue sessions with no downloads required

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Ideal for:

Remote, in-person or hybrid options for providers available on-demand

Flexible clinical applications: as a homework, accountability or monitoring tool

Academic, Clinic, or Hospital Training / Clinical services

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Neurofit VR provides a full immersive rehabilitation experience designed to build brain health and wellness.


Apply functional skills in safe and measurable virtual environments

Virtually train, real world gains to extend skills to real world challenges

Get real-time Cognitive and Physical Metrics to understand holistic needs in care

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Ideal for:

Home health, home environment measurement and modifications

Return to work training, risk assessment tracking

Academic or Clinical Applied Scenarios and Training Experiences

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How Neurofit
Transforms your Care

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Dynamically evaluate performance and cognitive abilities with adaptive tasks that are automatically tailored to your unique needs.

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Mood & Wellness

Bring more mindful therapy experiences into your sessions to recognize how and what moods affect your performance.

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Get individual or organizational insights that help you understand what your patients need in seconds, not hours.

Complement your care with Neurofit

Recovery journeys might be long, but they do not have to be boring.

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Human-centered care

How we feel has a huge impact on how we perform. This is especially true in rehabilitation and therapy. With Neurofit, we combine a blended approach of behavioural health tracking and neurorehab experiences. The result?  A more robust and detailed understanding of patient needs to represent their progress and engage people more meaningfully in their care.

Result-driven care

In healthcare, results matter. With therapy, results are only as good as the tools we use. This is why we complement care to enhance rehabilitation outcomes; getting everyone further and faster along the road to recovery together.

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Data-driven insights

The recovery process for patients can feel long and arduous. This is why we provide the therapist with data driven insights on patient progress that provide measurable ways they are improving and personalizing therapy based on their unique needs and goals.

Tracking individual progress

Neurofit reports, and automatic progress tracking puts understanding the patient journey in a simple, easy to interpret dashboard. This allows you to recognize risks earlier, and pinpoint areas of focus to provide support faster.

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Remote and on-site care

The way healthcare is accessed has changed and requires a blended approach to help you thrive. We enable professionals to help their patients engage with their therapy on-demand, in-person or remotely to suit any type of environment.

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